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Meaux (France) — commune in Ile-de-France department. It is placed a bit more than forty kilometers (or something about twenty five miles) from Paris city center.

Meaux has such sights as gothic cathedral, twelfth century’s bishop castle and museum of the First World War. Add the amazing sights and you’ve got a very attractive place for tourists. There are also some notable residents who has formed special commune’s atmosphere. For example, among them there are Gilbert du Motier, also known as Lafayette, who was French military officer and aristocrat and who took part in such events as American Revolutionary War or French Revolution; Joop Zoetemelk who is a famous cyclist, Tour de France and Vuelta a España winner; comedian actor Eric Judor; French chef Alexis Soyer; footballers Chris Mavinga and Olivier N'Siabamfumu and some other famous personalities.

In the beginning of fifteenth century in Meaux took place quite important battle of Hundred Years' War between English (lead by Henry the Fifth) and French. Siege of the city lasted eight months, since October till March. But not only because of this siege Meaux went down in history. It was one of the first centers of Huguenot’s (French name for Calvinists) there.

As for ground transportation to the commune, there are several variants. First of all, you can use the railways. But in fact it isn’t the most convenient variant. Except usual disadvantages of ground transportation like uncomfortable sets, trains have a strict schedule, what is not very good in case you are in a hurry. The solution is a second variant: there is always a possibility to book a transfer. It is specially recommended to do if you are carrying a lot of luggage with you, for example, if you want to go to Meaux from one of Paris railway stations (Austerlitz, Lyon, Montparnasse, Paris Est, Paris Nord, Saint-Lazare or any other). Booking airport transfers is also an available option, whether you are going to do it from Orly, Beauvais or Charles de Gaulle airports or to it.

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