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Booking the transfer from Tegel Airport (Berlin)

The most important international airport in Berlin is Tegel Airport. It is situated in 8 kilometers north-west from the Berlin city center in the administrative district of Tegel Reinickendorf. Passenger terminal building is built in shape of a hexagon. Planes drive up to the faces of it. Embarkation and disembarkation of passengers is done through aerobridges coming from the terminal building.

Tegel Airport was built in 1948, but it became available for civilian transport only in 1960. Today it is so busy that there is no opportunity to launch new flights. But in the vicinity of Berlin aviation complex, International Airport “Berlin Brandenburg” is being built. Capacity of it will be 45 million passengers a year.

With the opening of this complex to commercial flights, Berlin Tegel Airport will be closed. However, now the authority of the airport does not say anything about the upcoming events. So, each passenger may book (reserve) the transfer to or from Tegel Airport to any spot of Berlin or to any other city, from us.

Tegel Berlin airport is a main hub for the aviation company Air Berlin and a key airport for Lufthansa. In addition, it is an essential base for charter flights in Germany. Two most important operators, Lufthansa and Air Berlin, make about 60% of all commercial flights from here. Also the airport services to more than 20 airlines including Air France, Finnair, KLM, Swiss Air and many others. It connects Berlin with more than 130 cities all over the world. Feel free to contact us in order to book the airport transfer from us, if you are planning to come to Germany or live it from this airport.

In 2010 year, the airport was visited over 15 million passengers, which made it the fourth-busiest airport in Germany and the largest one in Berlin. Excellent service is organized at the airport. Among the services offered are: Wi-Fi, offices for rent mobile phones, fax / copy machines, post office, first aid center, waiting rooms, belonging to airlines lost property office, restaurants, shops and parking.

Tegel Airport has five terminals (A, B, C, D and E). Terminal A is built in the form a hexagon. In its center such services as parking, taxi rank and bus stops are situated. Here located 16 outputs and mainstream cruises are maintained from this terminal. Terminal B, is practically a part of Terminal A, and is used only in the most downloaded days. Terminal C was opened in 2007 as a temporary solution, as the other terminals were the extremely downloaded. Now it is mostly used by the Air Berlin airline. In result of this, it received the name of Air-Berlin-Terminal.

The second main terminal at the airport is Terminal D, and it is the only part of Tegel airport, working through the night. It usually serves flights operated either late at night or early in the morning, as well as domestic flights within Germany. Terminal E is the second floor of Terminal D. No matter which terminal you need, the best way to get to it is to reserve the transfer from us.

The airport is situated at a rather big distance from the subway lines, so you can use a taxi to go from the airport, but it is not too comfortable. The most convenient way to leave the airport or to come here — is to book the airport transfer from our company.

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