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Different to a taxi service, our transfers have fixed prices, and there are no extra charges for a greeting sign or luggage assistance. The price includes one hour of free waiting time after landing, and in the case of a flight delay, our drivers will wait for free; they track arrival time.

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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Agreement on Procedure for Transfer Services Provision


1.1. This agreement is a public offer of i'way («Transfers Everyday Limited»), hereinafter referred to as “the Contractor”, to the Customer (a private person or a legal entity) for making the Transfer Services Contract (hereinafter referred to as “the Contract”) on the conditions set forth in this Offer.

1.2. This Contract shall be made under a special procedure: through acceptance of this Offer containing all essential conditions of the Contract, without signing by the Parties.

1.3. Performance of actions by the Customer to fulfil the contract conditions specified in the Offer, including placement of an Order at the Website or in the Application and payment for the services by the Customer (payment using a bank card or otherwise, as offered at the Contractor’s website or in the Application) shall mean full and unconditional acceptance of the Offer.

1.4. After receipt of the Order, all information stated therein shall form the basis for the Contract between the Contractor and the Customer. In this case, “the Customer” (“a Party to the Contract”) shall mean any person specified in the payment document on whose behalf the payment has been made hereunder (“the payer”); if the payment has been made on behalf of a third party (and this follows from the payment document or another official document), the Customer hereunder shall be the person on whose behalf the payment has been made.

1.5. This Contract is a multilateral transaction consisting of the accepted public offer and its integral parts, as well as appendices, agreements, procedures and provisions posted at the Contractor’s Service.

1.6. The Contractor shall provide the Customer with reliable information on the scope and characteristics of transfer services. The services shall be directly provided to the Customer by third parties. The Contractor is not a carrier, taxi provider or motor vehicle owner and shall provide reservation (preliminary Order) of services rendered by third parties; therefore, the Contractor shall not be liable for life and health of Customers (passengers).


2.1. The following terms and definitions shall be used in this Contract:
Transfer is an integrated service that includes:
- Waiting for the Client(s) at the airport or station until they actually arrive;
- Providing a driver with an A4 sign plate and special text specified in the order to meet the Client at the airport terminal, station platform or hotel lobby;
- The driver’s assistance in delivery of the Client’s baggage from the meeting point to the pre-ordered and approved vehicle, subsequent placement of baggage in the vehicle;
- The Client’s trip in the motor vehicle to the destination point.

Transfers shall be made by motor cars of various classes, minivans, minibuses. Provision of services with the use of minivans, minibuses shall not involve the meeting with a sign plate at the terminal or station platform; the sign plate shall be installed on the vehicle wind screen.

The transfer service shall involve mandatory fulfilment of all the above items. The items may not be excluded or modified.

Vehicle with Driver Rental is provision of a vehicle with driver for transportation of the Client. The Vehicle with Driver Rental service shall be provided within the location specified in the Order. The unit of measure for the service scope shall be 1 rental hour. Trips outside the locations, to/from the airport or railway station shall be treated as transfers.

Client is a private person whom the Customer offers the opportunity of using the transfer services.

Contract is this agreement of the Parties on all essential conditions of services provision in the form of a public offer hereinafter unconditionally and fully accepted by the service consumer.

Offer (public offer) is proposals addressed to general public; shall be regarded as an invitation to make offers, unless otherwise expressly specified in the proposal, and shall contain all essential conditions of the contract; the proposal implying the offerer’s intent to make the contract on the conditions specified in the proposal with any responding person shall be recognised as the Offer (public offer).

Acceptance is the accepting response of the offeree. The response shall be full and unconditional. Unless otherwise required by the law, normal business practice or previous business relations of the Parties, silence is not an acceptance. Unless otherwise provided by the law, other legal acts or specified in the Offer, performance of actions by the offeree to fulfil the contract conditions specified in the Offer within the time established for the Offer acceptance (provision of services, payment of the relevant amount, etc.) shall be regarded as acceptance.

Website is the software administered by the Contractor, which is a source of information and allows using technical means to carry out interaction between the Customer and the Contractor, the Internet site located: transferseveryday.com, iway.io with a unique URL (Uniform Resource Locator - Universal Resource Locator).

Online Reservation System is the electronic register of accrual, modification or termination of mutual rights and obligations hereunder. The Online Reservation System is an integral component of the Website and the Application, which makes it possible to search for and order services by compiling and sending Client notifications and instructions over the Internet.

Rules of Order System Use are guidelines and recommendation on the use of the Online Reservation System posted at the Website and the Application.

Payment is the funds transferred by the Customer to the Contractor to pay for the transfer services.

Account - a set of data about the Customer required to provide access to the booking form and user authentication, as well as allowing the Customer through the Website and or Application to interact with the Contractor, in particular, to order the service.

License - a non-commercial non-exclusive limited license provided by the Contractor to the Customer within the framework of this Agreement, providing the Customer with a limited right to use the Service and its components.

Application - software, mobile application "i’way" that allows using the Internet to get access to the Service Provider. The application "i’way" is developed for use on mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

Service is the software administered by the Contractor, which is a source of information and allows using technical means to carry out interaction between the Customer and the Contractor, including the Website, as well as the "i’way" application. The Service includes a set of information, texts, graphic elements, design, images, photo and video materials, and other results of the Contractor's intellectual activity.

Authorization (authentication) - Customer identification when providing access to the Services.

The Contract may use terms other than those defined above. In this case, such terms shall be construed in accordance with the text of the Contract.


3.1. The subject of this Contract is providing the Customer with the opportunity of transfer and other services reservation through the Contractor’s Online Reservation System at through Contractor’s Service.

3.2. The Order may be sent via the Service within up to twenty four (24) hours prior to the start of the service provision. The minimal reservation period may be reduced or increased depending on the city of the services provision.

3.3. The Customer, placing the Order, expresses his irrevocable consent to receive information and promotional materials from the Contractor, including those related to the execution of the Order, to the mobile phone number and (or) e-mail address specified by the Customer. The Customer has the right at any time to revoke the consent given to the Contractor in this paragraph by sending an appropriate request to the details of the Contractor specified in this Agreement.

3.4. When ordering the transfer service any address within the city limits of the chosen settlement is considered additional. In this case, the cost of additional arrivals shall be determined by the internal rules of the Contractor.3.5. The Contractor shall make efforts so as to provide the Customer with a driver with knowledge of the local language or an English-speaking driver, but does not warrant this. The driver’s ignorance of any language shall not entitle the Customer to raise claims against the Contractor.

3.5. The Contractor shall make efforts so as to provide the Customer with a driver with knowledge of the local language or an English-speaking driver, but does not warrant this. The driver’s ignorance of any language shall not entitle the Customer to raise claims against the Contractor.

3.6. If the Customer requires additional services (provision of a child seat, travel on a toll road, etc.), he shall send the Contractor to the request. The request shall mean the Customer's request to the Contractor to provide information about the possibility and conditions of organizing services. The cost of rendering services under the request taking into account additional services may be increased in comparison with those specified in the agreed Order.

3.7. The number of passengers, including children, shall correspond to the capacity of the selected car class in accordance with the technical documentation, and the placement of children in the front seat of the vehicle next to the driver is not allowed. Placing a child car seat or non-standard luggage in the vehicle may reduce the specified capacity threshold.
As carry-on baggage in the vehicle it is possible to carry only things that pass freely through the doorways, do not contaminate or spoil the seats, do not prevent the driver from driving the vehicle and use rear-view mirrors.
Luggage of passengers is carried in the luggage compartment of the vehicle. Luggage dimensions shall allow its carriage with the lid of the luggage compartment closed. If free space is available, carry-on baggage may also be placed in the luggage compartment by agreement with the driver of the vehicle.
The luggage compartment corresponds to the following options for placing Luggage:
- 2 (two) pieces of laggage size «L», or
- 3 (three) pieces of laggage size «M», or
- 4 (four) pieces of laggage size «S».

CriteriaSize «S»Size «M»Size «L»
Height (cm)546572
Width (cm)404244
Depth (cm)222426

Larger luggage as well as sports equipment (skis, snowboards, golf bags, surfboards, bicycles, etc.), baby strollers, wheelchair, musical instruments, pet carriers, etc. are non-standard luggage and are subject to additional agreement, which in some cases may increase the cost of the service.
The driver has the right to refuse to place the luggage to the passenger in case of exceeding the set amount, as well as in case of non-standard luggage, the placement of which was not previously agreed upon by the parties.


4.1. The minimal period of car with driver rental shall be established by the Service and is reported to the Customer when the Order is formed using the Contractor’s Service.

4.2. The Contractor shall provide the car with driver rental services only as part of the preliminary Order.

4.3. The car with driver rental services shall be paid for regardless of whether or not the Customer has used the service, the car usage time, route, mileage, or idle time through no fault of the Contractor. Extension of car rental services with the driver is carried out by sending an additional request by the Customer, and such extension is possible only with the agreement of the Contractor, if the latter expresses the possibility and willingness to provide the requested service.

4.4. The car with driver rental services shall not cover the trips to airports, railway stations, coach terminals and trips outside the city; the aforesaid trips are transfers and shall be chargeable accordingly.

4.5. The car with driver rental services shall be paid in non-cash form, cash payment is impossible.

4.6. If the provision of the car with driver rental service starts at the airport, the first hour of service provision shall be chargeable as transfer; the provision of the car with driver rental service shall start thereafter.

4.7. If the provision of the car with driver rental service starts at a location other than the Contractor’s location, the service provision cost shall be increased by the cost of transfer to the aforesaid location; moreover, the time of the car delivery to the location shall be deemed as transfer, all subsequent servicing shall be deemed as car with driver rental service.


5.1. The Contractor may choose to place the sign table in minivans, minibuses:
a) above the wind screen;
b) at the top of the wind screen;
c) on the right side of the body along the vehicle path;
d) on the rear window of the vehicle.

5.2. Transfers by minivans, minibuses shall not involve the service for assistance in delivery and/or placement of the baggage.

5.3. When ordering transfers by minivans, minibuses, the Customer shall appoint a supervisor (the Client listed first in the Order shall be deemed the default supervisor) for settling all issues arising in the course of transfer services provision. The supervisor shall be responsible for assembling and seating of the Clients in the vehicle. The Contractor shall not be liable for assembling of the Clients at the specified dispatch point and shall not arrange the assembling of the Clients at the specified dispatch point.


6.1. The Customer shall:

6.1.1. Provide the required information on each Order in the form of completed Orders at the Contractor’s Service so as to allow the Contractor to properly perform its obligations. In case incomplete or inaccurate information is provided, the Contractor reserves the right to modify the services provision cost on a unilateral basis or refuse to provide the service and seek recovery of losses from the Customer.

6.1.2. Provide the Contractor with accurate information on e-mail address and telephone number required for the Contractor to promptly contact the Customer. If there is no indication of the passenger's contact number when placing the Order, the Contractor is not responsible for the Client's failure to arrive at the appointed place and time.

6.1.3. At the request of the Contractor to provide the necessary additional information about the Client (passenger), including the passport data of the latter, if the provision of such information is necessary to provide a transfer service in accordance with the laws of the country where the Order is executed. If the necessary information is not provided no later than 8 (eight) hours before the start of the execution of the Order, the Contractor has the right to refuse to provide the service without applying penalties to it.

6.1.4. Arrive at the point of services provision start by the time specified in the Order. The period of free waiting for the Customer/passenger under the agreed Order is 20 minutes after the arrival of a train, intercity bus or arrival at an address within/outside the city, 1 hour after the aircraft landing at the airport. In case the passenger fails to appear upon expiry of the aforesaid time, the Order and the service shall be deemed to have been executed and provided, without repaying the Order cost to the Customer. In case of flight delay, the passenger waiting period shall be extended in proportion to the flight delay time without any additional waiting charges.

6.1.5. Observe the passengers and baggage transportation rules established by transportation regulations, codes and relevant bylaws.

6.1.6. Treat third-party property with proper care, observe the rules of use established by third parties for such property, refrain from damaging third-party property. The Customer shall warrant the provision of his/her obligations to the Contractor, including the indemnity obligations.

6.2. The Contractor shall:

6.2.1. Provide services as per the Customer’s Order.

6.2.2. The Contractor shall provide services to the Customer within the time periods specified in the Order after the receipt of funds to the Contractor’s settlement account, unless otherwise additionally agreed by the Parties.

6.2.3. In case of technical failure in the motor vehicle, the Contractor shall replace it with a motor vehicle of equivalent class.

6.2.4. After the Order placement, the Contractor shall send information to the Customer by means of a text or e-mail message or the operator’s call to confirm that the Order has been accepted and the service will be provided at the time and place specified in the Order.

6.2.5. After the Order placement, the Contractor shall send the Itinerary Receipt for transfer to the Customer to confirm the Customer’s right to receive the service.

6.3. The Customer shall have the right to:

6.3.1. Cancel the placed Order without any penalties within the cancellation period specified in the Itinerary Receipt for transfer.

6.4. The Contractor shall have the right to:

6.4.1. Update the required information for proper provision of transfer services.

6.4.2. Refuse to provide services if servicing is technically impossible or for other reasons (provision of incorrect or incomplete transfer information; the Client(s) being in the state of alcoholic or drug intoxication; the Clients’ actions threatening the life and health of the driver and condition of the car).

6.4.3. The Contractor reserves the right to refuse to modify the route during the immediate provision of the service, but will make every possible effort so as to provide the service to the Customer and to fulfil the conditions of this Contract in a proper manner.

6.4.4. Modify the transfer service on a unilateral basis (route modification, replacing the vehicle with another one of equivalent class, driver replacement), without prejudice to the Customer’s interests.

6.4.5. Deviate from the motor vehicle delivery time specified in the Customer’s Order by no more than fifteen (15) minutes. This deviation shall not entail payment of penalties or other compensations in favour of the Customer.

6.4.6. The driver may request the Client’s identity documents.


7.1. The cost of transfer services shall be determined on the basis of price lists and information posted at the Contractor’s website. The final cost of transfer services/service package shall be determined on the basis of the services calculation in the Order.

7.2. The Customer shall be provided with information on the cost of the services being ordered prior to the Order placement. In case of consent to the cost of the services being ordered, the Customer shall send his/her Order for reservation of transfer services. Sending of the Order shall be recognised as the Customer’s consent to the cost of transfer services.

7.3. A private Customer shall pay for transfer services as follows:

To perform the reservation of transfer services, the Customer shall make a 100% advance payment in the amount specified at the time of the Order completing. The service payment shall be made at the Contractor’s website or in the Application on the ordering day using a plastic card, otherwise, the Order will be cancelled. At the time of the Order placement, the required amount shall be reserved on the Customer’s card until Order execution. If there are no or insufficient funds on the Customer's card, the service is not provided. In case the reservation is cancelled before the time specified in the Itinerary Receipt for transfer, the funds on the Customer’s card shall be released within three (3) business days. In case of exceeding the cost of actually rendered service, the additional funds may be deducted from the Customer's card in the non-acceptance order in the amount required to pay the difference between the cost of actually rendered service and the cost of service specified in the Order.

7.4. A corporate Customer shall pay for transfer services on conditions agreed by the Parties on case-by-case basis.


8.1. Liability of the Customer:

8.1.1. In case of trip failure through the Customer’s fault (provision of incorrect information on the service ordered, the Customer’s failure to arrive at the appointed place and time, Order cancellation within time periods shorter than those specified in the Itinerary Receipt for transfer), the funds paid by the Customer shall not be refunded.

8.1.2. The Customer is responsible for passengers' cleanliness and order during their stay in the vehicle, and undertakes to warn them against drinking alcohol, smoking in the cabin, dirtying and spoiling the seats and headrests, and leaving garbage in the cabin. In case of contamination of the vehicle by passengers, the Customer undertakes to compensate the cost of dry cleaning of the passenger compartment and reimburse all other possible losses caused by the actions of passengers.

In case of damage by passengers to equipment, devices, mechanisms, violation of their integrity (including ripped door handles, mirrors, etc.), damage to the glazing, interior of the vehicle, the Customer shall assist the driver in drawing up the relevant act, and reimburse the losses caused by the actions of passengers.

8.2. Liability of the Contractor:

8.2.1. In case of trip failure through the Contractor’s fault (refusal to fulfil the Order less than 24 hours before the due time), the latter shall refund the cost of the services paid for.

8.2.2. In case the Customer misses the flight through the Contractor’s fault, the latter shall reimburse the Customer for the air/railway ticket reissuance expenses, but no more than fifty hundred (500) conventional units in the currency in which the payment was made services. In this case, the Customer shall provide the Contractor with documentary proof of expenses and documents evidencing the Contractor’s fault.

8.2.3. The Contractor hereunder shall be liable for the actions of third parties engaged for provision of services under this Contract, except for damage to life and health of passengers in case of a traffic accident. Liability for damage to life and health of passengers in case of a traffic accident shall be regulated and governed in accordance with the relevant laws applicable to such cases.


9.1. All disputes and disagreements that may arise between the Parties from execution of this Contract will be settled through negotiations and/or issuance of claims by the Parties.

9.2. The Parties shall issue all claims that arise during execution of this Contract in writing. A claim shall be examined within five (5) business days from the date of receipt.

9.3. In case it is impossible to settle disputes through negotiations, the Parties shall transfer such disputes for consideration to the Court at the location of the plaintiff.

9.4. The Parties have agreed that the services shall be deemed duly provided by the Contractor and accepted by the Customer in full, unless the Contractor receives the Customer’ reasoned objections in writing within three (3) days after the completion of the service provision. Upon expiry of the aforesaid time period, the Customer’s claims for inadequate services, including claims for quantity/scope, cost and quality, shall be rejected.


10.1. This Contract shall take effect upon receipt of the Customer’s Order for reservation of transfer services and shall be in effect until the Parties discharge their obligations hereunder.

10.2. By placing the Order for transfer services, the Customer accepts the conditions of this Offer. The Contractor may amend and supplement this Contract without additional notice to the Customer.

10.3. Force majeure circumstances (fire, warfare, decisions of supreme public authorities, strikes, etc.) that make it impossible to discharge the obligations resulting from this Contract shall release the Parties from liability for their obligations.

10.4. By accepting this Contract-Offer, the Customer gives his/her consent to the use of his/her personal data in any way, including the full name, contact number, e-mail address, as well as third party personal data specified in the documents transferred to the Contractor, solely as part of this Contract execution.
By accepting this Contract, the Customer confirms that he is familiarized and agrees with the Statement of Privacy, approved by the Contractor.

10.5. The Contractor shall warrant confidentiality of the Customer’s private information provided at the time of placement of the Order for transfer services.

10.6. The information at the Service has been received, collected and prepared by the Contractor for the Customer and is reliable as of the Order placement date.

10.7. Neither the Contractor nor its employees, nor non-staff employees shall be liable for the losses resulting from the use of the Service information for personal purposes of the Customer or other practical purposes, or for direct or indirect wastes or losses incurred as a result of the Service failures or outages.

10.8. Any information received by the Customer via e-mail or published at the Service shall be designed for private non-commercial use. The Customer may not copy, broadcast, communicate, publish or otherwise reproduce the Service materials in quantity without the written permission of the Contractor.

10.9. The Parties have agreed that fax and other documents, as well as document copies received by electronic means of communication shall operate as originals if the senders of such documents are absolutely clearly identified. Moreover, the document copies received by the Party shall operate until the original documents are submitted.

10.10. References to a word or term in the Contract in the singular include references to that word or term in the plural. References to a word or term in the plural include references to that word or term in the singular. This rule applies unless the text of the Contract otherwise follows.

10.11. The names of the sections in this Contract are for the convenience of reference only and may not be used for the purpose of interpreting this Contract, its individual terms.

10.12. The Contractor per the present Offer is a legal entity properly registered in accordance with effective legislation with following details:

Transfers Everyday Limited
Private Company Limited by Shares
Company №: 2090182
Сompany address: Unit 19, 7/F., One Midtown, No.11 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong



When using our website located at: https://transferseveryday.com (hereinafter referred to as the Website), our application «i’way» (hereinafter referred to as the Application) commanding our services, in particular, making online booking of a transfer through the Website or/and through the Application (hereinafter referred to as Booking), you entrust your personal information to us. In this regard, you may want to carefully read this Statement of Privacy (hereinafter referred to as the Statement).

We organize transfers in 120 countries of the world - from the airport, from the railway station, to move around the city or between cities.

We work so that your path is comfortable and safe, and your ordering on the Website is simple to use and fast.

We are trusted by those who need full certainty as to transfers - people on a business trip, companies, travel agencies and private travelers.

This Statement explains how iWay Express, s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) processes and protects information about you, your personal data that you provided us (hereinafter referred to as the Personal Data).

Ensuring the security of the Personal Data received from you is one of the Company's priorities.

The processing of Personal Data throughout the text of the Statement includes actions that we take in relation to the information provided by you when using the Website or/and the Application, making a Booking.

Within the framework of relations between us, we are the controller of the Personal Data you provide, we are responsible for preserving their confidentiality. We try our best to ensure the security of information received from you, and also give you the opportunity to independently manage your data, which is the ability to send us a request for editing, limiting, deleting Personal Data.

1. Personal Data We Process

1.1 The Company collects information about you, which you enter in the data fields on the Website or/and in the Application. For example, you can provide your surname, first name, e-mail address, contact phone number and/or other information for the purpose of registering in the Company’s system.

1.2 We do not process special categories of Personal Data about you - information related to race, ethnicity, health, sexual life and orientation, genetic data, political opinions, religious or other beliefs, membership in trade union organizations, or any unique biometrics data used for identification purposes.

1.3 In accordance with the laws of some countries, in order to provide our services, it may be necessary for you to provide additional information about you or /and the persons for whom you are booking, including passport data. In this case, the Company will send you a request for the provision of the necessary information about you and / or the persons for whom you are booking, to the email address you specified when making the Booking. If the necessary information is not provided in the manner prescribed by the terms of our services, we will not be able to provide the service requested by you and will be forced to refuse to provide it.

1.4 In exceptional cases, we may use the health information you voluntarily submit to provide you with a higher level of service that best meets your needs (for example, to provide a special vehicle for persons with physical disabilities).

1.5. The personal data we process include the following information about you:

1.5.1. surname;

1.5.2. first name;

1.5.3. patronymic (if applicable);

1.5.4. contact phone number;

1.5.5. e-mail address;

1.5.6. order history;

1.5.7. messages and other information that you provide to us through the Website or/and the Application or by sending a message to our email address, including without expressly sending you a request to provide it.

1.6. For the purpose of protecting your Personal Data, we recommend that you do not provide any information not specifically requested.

1.7. If you travel together with someone and provide us with their data for Booking, or if you make a Booking on behalf of someone else, you need to make sure that the person or persons whose personal information you provided us are aware about it, understand and agree that the Company uses their data as described in this Statement, because this is your responsibility.

1.8. The submission of your Personal Data is voluntary. You are not required to provide us with personal information upon our request, however, if you do not provide the requested information, in some cases we will not be able to provide you with a service or respond to your request. For example, we will not be able to process your Booking unless we receive information about your first name, surname, contact phone number and e-mail address.

1.9. You may limit the amount and nature of Personal Data if you decide not to provide us with these data in full, for example, not to enter your Personal Data into the forms and data fields on the Company's Website or/and in the Application. We recommend that you take a responsible approach to the issue of limiting the information provided to us; we hereby inform you that our obligations under the law or agreements entered into by the Company with you or in your interests can be performed only if you provide the appropriate Personal data.

2. Purposes and Methods of Processing Personal Data

2.1. The processing of your Personal Data is carried out with the view to personalizing and enabling you to make Booking, providing you, as a consumer, with quality services, in case you express intention to use the services we provide, as well as to answer your messages and questions, to support you as the Website or/and the Application user.

2.2. The Company may process your Personal Data for the purposes of complying with legal requirements, for example, if it is necessary to protect the life, health or other vital interests of you or other entities, to perform a task in the public interest, to comply with our legal obligations.

2.3. We process your Personal data using automation tools by collecting, recording, organizing, accumulating, storing, refining (updating, changing), retrieving, using, transferring, depersonalizing, blocking, deleting, eliminating Personal Data in accordance with the requirements of applicable legislation on personal data protection.

2.4. We may use your Personal Data for furnishing you with information in order to advertise the services of the Company, to inform you about the promotions conducted by us. We use your contact phone number or/and e-mail address that you provide when registering on the Website or/and in the Application or/and making a Booking, to contact you, to send you messages during the delivery of services to ensure their proper quality.

3. Consent to the Processing of Personal Data

3.1. In the use of our services and the Website or/and the Application, we ask you for confirmation of familiarization with the Statement. By confirming the said familiarization, you express your consent to the collection and use of your Personal Data in accordance with the description provided in the Statement, confirm that you are familiar with the Statement, understand and agree with it.

3.2. We process your Personal Data for the purpose of providing you with our services and the services of the Website or/and of the Application. If it is necessary to use your Personal Data for purposes not related to those specified herein, we will certainly ask you for additional consent.

3.3. By making a Booking and/or registering on the Website or/and in the Application, you express your consent to receive information and promotional materials from the Company, including those related to the execution of your order, to your contact phone number and/or e-mail address within 5 (five) years from the time of registration and/or Booking.

3.4. The target audience of our services and the Website or/and the Application are adults; we do not intentionally collect personal information of minors. However, a situation may arise when a person who is under the age of majority decides to familiarize itself with the services on our Website or make a Booking. The use of any services offered by the Company by minors is permitted only with the consent of the parent or guardian. If you are a parent or guardian, do not allow your children to provide personal information without your consent.

3.5. If we become aware that the Company processes information about minors without the proper consent of the parent or guardian, we reserve the right to delete such information.

4. Providing Personal Data to Third Parties

4.1. Under certain circumstances, we may transfer your Personal Data to third parties. We undertake to transfer your Personal Data to third parties only in the exceptional cases expressly specified herein. By using our services and our Website or/and Application, you understand and agree to the transfer of your Personal Data to third parties in the cases provided in this Statement.

4.2. We have the right to provide Personal Data to providers with whom we have contracts and who help us in the implementation of the trips you booked on the Website or/and in the Application. In order to complete your Booking and provide you with a proper service, we pass the relevant information about the Booking to the provider. Such information includes your surname, first name, contact phone number, e-mail address, other information about the requirements for the trip you specified when booking.

4.3. The Company's rule is to impose to the organizations with which we cooperate the confidentiality requirements for the Personal Data provided by us in the framework of the cooperation, in addition to the application of adequate technical and organizational measures to protect Personal Data when used in the provision of services for the Company.

4.4. We may be required to provide your Personal Data to the competent authorities in the required amount by virtue of express reference by the law, the requirements of the proceedings, in response to the requirements of public authorities. We may also provide your Personal Data if it is necessary for national security, law enforcement, or other important public purposes.

4.5. In addition, we may need to transfer Personal Data to the competent authorities in order to protect rights, property or reduce possible damage to the Company and/or our business partners.

4.6. Depending on the conditions of your Booking, we may need to transfer your Personal Data to providers to other countries. Despite the fact that the laws on the protection of personal data in different countries may not be as perfect as in your country, our Company undertakes to take appropriate measures to ensure that your Personal Data is provided with an adequate level of protection in compliance with legal requirements.

4.7. The Company uses additional services to extend the functionality of the Application, in particular: service for messaging and chatting in the Application - applozic.com.
By using the Application, you give your consent for the Application to use third-party services, as well as for the Company to provide these services with information about you that are necessary for the functionality of the Application.

5. Your Rights

5.1. We want you to control how we use your Personal Data. This can be done in the following ways:

5.1.1. you can always use the right to get acquainted with what your Personal data is stored with us. An overview of the Personal Data may be obtained by sending us an appropriate request;

5.1.2. you can inform us of any changes in your Personal Data or ask us to correct any information in those Personal Data that is stored with us;

5.1.3. in some cases, you may ask us to delete Personal Data, block or restrict their processing, and also send a waiver regarding the specific use of your Personal Data;

5.1.4. in some cases, you can contact us so that we send your Personal Data provided to us to third parties;

5.1.5. you may revoke your consent to the processing of your Personal Data at any time. This will not affect the legality of the processing of Personal Data based on your consent until its withdrawal. At the same time, we ask you to take a responsible approach to making this decision, since if we do not have the necessary consent to process Personal Data, unless there is any other legal basis for processing your Personal Data, we will not be able to provide you with a service or respond to your request.

5.2. You may request us to delete Personal Data in the following cases:

5.2.1. Personal Data are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed;

5.2.2. if you revoke your consent on the basis of which the processing was carried out, and if we have no other legal basis for the processing;

5.2.3. Personal Data has been processed improperly;

5.2.4. Personal data must be deleted in accordance with applicable legislation;

5.2.5. in other cases stipulated by applicable legislation.

5.3. You have the right to object to the processing. You are entitled to require the Company to terminate the processing of your Personal Data in cases where such data processing is based on our legitimate business interests, except where we cannot provide a convincing legal basis for such data processing or where we need to process your Personal Data for imposing, enforcing or defending a legal claim.

5.4. You are entitled to require us to limit the processing of Personal Data in the following cases:

5.4.1. during the period when the Company evaluates or prepares an answer to your request for updating or adjusting your Personal Data;

5.4.2. if such data processing is illegal and you do not want the Company to delete your data;

5.4.3. if this data is no longer needed by the Company, but you want us to store the data to impose, enforce or defend a legal claim;

5.4.4. if you filed an objection to the processing of your data in our business interests and await our response to this request.

In the event of limitations on the processing of your Personal Data in accordance with your request, we will notify you before the resumption of processing of such data.

5.5. To exercise your every right, please contact us directly at the Company's details specified in these Regulations in Section 9 “Company’s Contacts”.

5.6. If you believe that our processing of Personal Data violates your legal rights and interests, you can also contact the appropriate authorized body that oversees compliance with the legislation on the protection of Personal Data, in accordance with applicable legislation.

6. Storage and Protection of Personal Data

6.1. We use technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of your Personal Data from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration or access, including protection against unauthorized or illegal processing, thereby ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of Personal Data.

6.2. Measures to ensure the security of Personal Data when processed by the Company include:

6.2.1. implementation of internal controls to ensure the security of Personal Data;

6.2.2. appointment of a person responsible for organizing the processing of Personal Data;

6.2.3. internal control over the compliance of the processing of Personal Data with the legislation, requirements for the protection of Personal Data established by this Statement;

6.2.4. identification of threats to the security of Personal Data during their processing, assessment of the damage that may be caused to your Personal Data;

6.2.5. detection of facts of unauthorized access to Personal Data and taking measures to prevent them;

6.2.6. restoration of Personal Data modified or destroyed due to unauthorized access to them;

6.2.7. development of Personal Data protection system;

6.2.8. other measures to ensure the security of Personal Data.

6.3. Your Personal Data is available to a limited number of Company employees who gain access to them in the course of performing their job duties. We guarantee that our employees will comply with this Statement. To protect Personal Data, we use appropriate internal systems and procedures, ensure that employees maintain strict confidentiality of Personal Data.

6.4. When transferring your Personal Data, we use various legal mechanisms, including agreements, to ensure the security of your rights and appropriate data protection. We also demand that our service providers do everything possible to preserve the confidentiality of the Personal Data obtained within the framework of the contractual relationship with us.

6.5. We store your Personal Data exclusively for the period necessary to achieve the corresponding goal, the period necessary to enable you to use our services, to resolve disputes with any parties, and for other purposes that enable us to conduct commercial activities, including detection and prevention of fraud or other unlawful acts, in compliance with applicable legislation. The present Statement applies to all personal data we have saved.

6.6. The methods and techniques chosen and implemented by us to protect information on the Website or/and in the Application rule out any third parties' access to the Personal Data without our consent, ensure the use of the information contained in the Personal Data, without violating the relevant legislation; an operational procedure is established which ensures the preservation of your Personal Data.  

7. Personal Data We Collect Automatically

7.1. When you make a Booking and just use our Website or/and Application, we automatically collect certain data about you. These include your IP address, date and time when you used our services, information about hardware and software, as well as about the internet browser you use, and information about the operating system of your computer, such as application versions and language settings. We also collect information about clicks and pages shown to you.

7.2. If you use a mobile device, we also receive data identifying your mobile device, its settings and characteristics, application failures, and other system operations, your location information. When you make a Booking, our system records by which means and through which websites you made the Booking or from which websites you passed to the Website or to the Application.

8. Alteration of the Statement

8.1. This Statement may be amended from time to time. In the event that significant alterations are introduced in the Statement, a link to an updated version of the Statement will appear on the main page of our Website or in our Application.

8.2. Any alterations to the Statement will take effect from the date of publication of its updated version on the Website or/and in the Application. The use of the Website or/and in the Application, any of our products and services, and/or providing consent to the updated Statement after making such alterations means your acceptance of the revised Statement, which has entered into force.

9. Company’s Contacts

9.1. If you have any questions regarding the protection of your Personal Data, complaints or any other questions, please use one of the following ways to contact us:

9.1.1. you can send an e-mail to: booking@transferseveryday.com

9.1.2. you can send a letter to the following postal address:
iWay Express, s.r.o.
Address: Vlkova 532/8, Žižkov, 130 00 Praha

9.2. We will answer you within 30 (thirty) days or as soon as possible. You can also report a problem or file a complaint with a data protection authority or other official authority within your jurisdiction.