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The difference between i'way transfer and a taxi service

The price is shown in advance and shall not change during the ride
We will wait for you for free in case your flight is delayed
We will meet you with a greeting sign at the airport or on the railway station
We will help you with luggage on the way to the car
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Unlike a taxi service, the price for a transfer is fixed and known in advance. We do not charge extra for addtional services, such as luggage and pets aboard. All the transactions are cashless.
Book a transfer to an exact timing
Save time on your waiting! Plan your ride in advance and the car will arrive at the time specified in your booking. In the event of a flight delay, we will wait for you for free.

Taxi transfer in city Munich

Booking airport transfers in Munich

Munich is the third largest city in Germany (after Berlin and Hamburg), located near the Alps, on the banks of Isar River. Besides the chic museums, Pinakothek and outlets, this city is famous for its beer festival. Every autumn (late September — early October) the Theresienwiese meadow hosts the annual Oktoberfest beer festival, which takes place nearly for two hundred years, for which even a special beer, called “curvature” was brewed. We offer the future visitors of Munich to book the transfer to the city from the airport or railway station.

You may come to Munich by different means of transport. The most convenient of them is air transport, of course. Airport of Franz Josef Strauss in Munich is the seventh in Europe by number of passengers carried per year (27th — in the world), it is a hub for the world's largest airline Lufthansa. It is a member of the «Star Aliance». Airport of Franz Josef Strauss was built relatively recently, in 1992 and is located 28 kilometers to north-east from Munich, near the campus of Freising.

In 2003, the airport was commissioned 2nd terminal, which is possible to achieve an annual passenger traffic of more than 30 million people. In the future, this figure could increase to 50 million. Two runways contribute to an increase in passenger traffic. The airport has four multi-storey and six underground parkings, and has a total of 20,000 parking spaces for visitors, 16,500 of which are covered. If you are going to come to Munich by plane, you are welcome to book (reserve) the transfer to the city from us.

Munich's main rail station Munchener Hauptbahnhof is an ancient building which was firstly made of panels of the fence, defending from shooting, which was on the east side of the Karlsplatz. The name of the Schutzenstrasse Street, which connects this area and the "Munchner Hauptbahnhof" means Shooting Street and refers to that time.

Nowadays Munich main station daily serves more than 350 million passengers. That makes it the second largest (after Hamburg) station in Germany. But no other country station does not have as many tracks as the Munich: 36 ground, 2 underground and 6 ways of Munich subway — "U-Bahn" (which actually is not part of the concern of German railways "Deutscheban"). If you want to book the transfer in Munich — feel free to contact us.

Public transport in the Bavarian capital is a well-developed and extensive network of many trams, buses, metro (U-Bahn) and city trains (S-Bahn). In addition, transportation to Munich, is "punctual", as the Germans themselves are. Everything departs according to strictly defined schedule accurately up to the minute, so there is no need, for example, to go from a stop on the road and look out whether the long-awaited bus is approaching or not. Delays, of course, occur, but they are only due to force majeure. So it is rather comfortable to go around the city by means of public transport. But when in hurry for the plain it would be much more comfortable to reserve (book) the transfer from us.

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