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Disneyland Paris is a complex of amusement parks in the Marne- la-Valle city which is situated in about 30 kilometers from the east border of Paris. On the territory of the complex there are two theme parks (opened in 1992 and 2002), amusement park (which is never closed and supposed to be a little city with its shops, restaurants and cinemas), golf course, some hotels and even business and residential districts. No wonder that the place is very crowded and transportation from Paris can be not really convenient. Despite the opportunity to use RER (you can get to the Marne-la-Valle railway station using it), often it is not the best variant because of big amount of people who is going there, especially on the week-end. That is why it would be quite comfortable to book a transfer from Paris. There is a ground transportation (consisted of buses) system between the RER station and Disneyland’s parks and hotels, but it isn’t perfect, because you can’t get to some places (Davy Crocket Ranch, for example) by public transport. That is another reason for booking a transfer.

Since the park was opened in 1992 (at that time it was known as Euro Disney Resort; altogether in its not really long history it has changed the name three times: complex also was called Euro Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Resort Paris) it was the perfect place to spend a week-end, especially with your children. It is not surprising at all, just try and remember popularity of Disney’s cartoons in the nineties. Nowadays, when a lot of new amusement attractions were opened and infrastructure was developed the place is still extremely popular. If you are going to Paris with your children in order to present them a week-end of their dreams it is good to premeditate your transportation, because kids usually don’t like travelling by public transport. Whether you have flown to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport or Orly, booking airport transfers is possible. The same is for transportation from railway stations — Austerlitz, Saint-Lazare, Lyon, Montparnasse, Paris Nord or any other.

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